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Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is the complete health and fitness package. It combines the great outdoors with a full body workout that is fun, relaxing and produces fantastic results.

SUP promotes a holistic approach to health and fitness; it is calming and soothing to the soul whilst providing a workout that increases core strength and improved balance.

Paddleboarding is for everyone and is an excellent way to get fit, tone up and feel great.

Start your adventure today!

Get your toes wet SUP LESSONS

So you are ready to give SUP a go, work your core muscles, meet like-minded friends and master the basics of stand up paddleboarding! Unlike many other watersports, learning to paddleboard is quick and easy.

Our beginner sessions are a fun-packed way to take to the water and try a new skill. With the correct paddleboarding equipment and advice, most people find they can be up and paddling with confidence within the hour and not even get wet.

Under the eyes of our friendly instructor you will get to grips with paddling techniques on a mini adventure along the Tamar River.



1.5 hours – from £30

A 1.5 hour introductory lesson for anyone who is new to paddleboarding. A great way to get on the water for the first time with coaching from your fully trained instructor. 

1 to 1 lessons – £40 pp

Groups of up to 6 – £30 pp 


You will learn: ​

  • About the paddleboard equipment used

  • Safe launching and landing

  • How to get to your feet and get paddling with confidence

  • Flat water manoeuvres including how to paddle in a straight line and turn around.



2  hours – £40

This 2 hour lesson is a little more in depth and aimed at people who have tried paddleboarding but want to learn more techniques and paddle a little further.

In this advanced lesson you will learn:

  • SUP water safety

  • Self-recovery techniques

  • Introducing the board

  • Effective paddling techniques

  • Flat water manoeuvres including the basics on how to paddle in a straight line and turn around.

  • Brief overview of tides



SUP-Rise paddle

1.5 hours – £30

Early mornings on the Tamar River are the best time to see this stunning area of outstanding natural beauty.

No matter what your abilities are, this is the perfect time to catch the early morning tide but we do require you to have had a SUP lesson before you book this session. 

Who knows we may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our resident seal or the occasional otter. The Valley is teaming with birds and fish so bring your waterproof camera to see if you can capture some great shots.

SUP-Set session

1.5  hours – £30

As the sun goes down The River Tamar lights up in orange hues. Come and join us for a paddle at dusk.


There is no better way to wind up your day than with a Sunset SUP. You will leave feeling more energised, calmer, less stressed and will have improved your overall performance.


NB: Please note that children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult on the session.


Guided River Journey

For the more experienced Paddleboarder who would like an awesome adventure on the River Tamar, the River Tavy or the River Lyner. 


Straddling the borders of Devon and Cornwall's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there is no shortage of stunning surroundings to soak up as you venture up or down the rivers. There is an abundant of wildlife to see and hear. 


It can be a challenging paddle and is very dependent on the tide times and also the wind so confirmation of the route will be made on the day.


There are many stunning river journeys from Cargreen and Saltash. 

2 hour journeys - £45

4 hour journeys - £65

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