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As a Blue Health Coach, I am dedicated to helping individuals overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. With my guidance, you will be able to make significant changes in your life, enabling you to achieve your goals and realise your dreams. By immersing you in, on or near calming blue surroundings, I will help you let go of what's been holding you back and connect with your true self on a deep, meaningful level.


 Blue Health Coach-Mel

Mel lives and breathes her connection with blue space, she is effortlessly aligned with the professional practice and  philosophy of blue health coaching. Elegantly observant, her subtle approach to coaching has grace and nuance, warmly welcoming insight to flow. Mel's intuition paces the rhythm of the natural world inviting unguarded conversation and    reflection and  a gentle awakening to the joy, creativity and    wisdom offered within awe inspiring watery locations. Mel lacks pretension, her "ease of being" allowing her blue health coaching discussions to feel organic and  safe, and  shared silence to feel truly comfortable


In, on or near the water

There are three types of packages to choose from or book 3 sessions to explore them all. Using the different experiences can help unlock the mind, challenge and   reflect.

90 minutes coaching £90

3 sessions for £240

  • In the water: Wild swimming/body boarding

  • On the water: Paddleboarding and mindfullness

  • Near the water: Walking the coastline using landscape as a backdrop for language

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